I AM A SELLER - Contacting Buyers

heavenstrade only provides a platform to buyers & suppliers to transform their needs into business. However, if you still face any problems related to business enquiry, you can always mail us at: care@heavenstrade.com or you may call us at: +91-9622 077 077

heavenstrade.com is India’s first multipurpose online marketplace, helping over 2,000 suppliers to find potential leads. Keeping in mind the competition, it is recommended to respond to buyer enquiries as soon as possible to seal the business opportunity.

Add a good resolution product image.

Add product name and description.

Always keep your contact information updated.

Relevant keywords is the best way to get a quick response. Also, swift response to buyers enquiry will also maximize your chances to get a quick response. On the basis of first come, first serve, the earlier you respond to buyers enquiry, the earlier you get buyers response.